Mechatronics engineer Turned into Software Product enthusiast, creating thoughtful, intuitive interfaces.

I’m Veerabhadra Sai Sreenivas Sonthena, a product designer from India. I specialise in interface design for mobile and web-based applications with a focus on simplicity & usability.

I’ve just joined LeafCraft Studios where I’ll be working on some of the best user based products. In the past Triennium, I’ve tried various hats freelancing as a communication desinger, Logo designer, UI desinger, UX researcher and Full stack web developer.

Recent Work

Here are some of my most recent projects.

LeafCraft Studios

Front End DevelopmentProduct Designer

I head the design and development of outstanding software products with my team in my current full-time position. I work on our product while hiring an incredible design team to build the future of financial wellness.


UI-UXBrand DesignerProduct Development

My previous full-time role, where I led the design team to work on modern solutions for data presentation.

I worked on the brand identity, website and our web application. I worked the integration of the web application to the website, using next js, and styled components.

Design and Fabrication of All Terrain Vehicle


I Headed a team of 25, where we designed and fabricated an All terrain vehicle for FMAE-BAJA 2021 Competition.

We created branding for the team too. :D

Minimal Resume builder


When we went through the axcess, Application Tracking System Concept, We have found the scope for a Minimal, yet data centric resume builder.

At the earlier days of figma-community, we wanted to create a minimal resume builder, and it always have its place, while creating/updating my resume.